RC plane wing,airfoil and profile processing: curve smoothing

I recently found this reference to profile redesign in this forum. There the process of manually fairing the Selig coordinates of a wing profile is documented in order to end up with a perfect curvature profile.
I then made a pilot study to compute such curvature perfect profiles using automatic nurbs approximation using degree 5 nurbs with the same accuracy as in the article, replacing the manual conversion. This proved to be quite sucessful. The example from the article above

I then used the same technique on RG15 and Wortman FX-63-126 and constructed a wing section between the two optimized profiles. I know this combination is aerodynamically nonsense. Its only for illustration of the technique.

the 3dm file can be downloaded for inspection from here:strak from RG15 to FX-63-126

Do you think there is a need for such sophisticated curve smoothing in Rhino?

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Hey I wrote that! So glad you found it useful!

I was going to mention your method Sky but would have to have to look it up.