Raytraced display mode in Rhino Layouts

In Rhino 7.0, Raytraced mode cannot be used in a layout. I can use the Raytraced setting in a detail window but I will not be be allowed to double-click to de-activate this window, thus making Raytraced unusable for a layout.
When switching to Render mode, Rhino’s gemstone materials are not visible, necessitating the creation of the old fashioned custom gemstones that will be visible.
Raytraced worked very successfully for a layout in Rhino 6.0.
Is this going to be fixed?

Hi Dana -

I don’t think so. For some scenes, I suppose it might look like it did but it reverted to Rendered

Perhaps - but for the moment, I doubt it… RH-48629

In 6.0 I was able to use Raytraced in detail windows. I was able to double-click to disable the windows and do other things for the layout. This is not possible in 7.0 bc I can’t turn off a detail that is in Raytraced mode.
In 6.0, the details with Raytraced had the gray strip at the bottom showing and I know that it did not revert to Rendered because the gemstones did not become transparent that way they would do in Rendered.

Just checking in to see if there is any movement on this? Seems like a shame we can’t leverage these sweet Raytraced images in Layouts… :frowning:

Hi Declan -

I’m afraid that situation hasn’t changed, no.
Lots of things are changing in the display pipelines for Rhino 8 at the moment. Perhaps after that dust settles…