Raytraced - Layouts and Edges

  1. Raytraced - Layouts
    Using Raytraced in a detail on a layout doesn’t work as expected.

    Observation: when a file is saved with the Raytraced viewport active, the preview image (both in Explorer and on the Rhino splash-screen) shows what is used in a detail.

    In this picture, a Raytraced viewport is on the right while the same view and display mode in a detail is on the left.

  2. Raytraced – Edges
    a. The settings for surface edges and visibility do not stick in between sessions. When I change Rhino Options > View > Display Modes > Raytraced > Surface edge settings > Edge thickness (pixels) to 1 and the Color reduction % to 100, edge curves are turned on but when I exit Rhino and then start it again, these settings are back to 0. The same happens for […] > Visibility > Show tangent seams. I didn’t check any other settings here.

    b. When I only change the edge thickness and color reduction and then exit the options, all is fine and I get black edges on my objects in the viewport.

    When I also tick the Show tangent seams setting, the wireframe shows through the objects. Removing the tick doesn’t help; the edges always show through.

  1. Raytraced with layouts doesn’t work properly yet, RH-33343.

  2. Reported as RH-35313


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Could you open the RH-33343 issue to the public?

I see that RH-35313 is specific about the retention of the settings between sessions. What about the edge curves showing through geometry? I am particularly anxious about that one - during the course of the development of Neon that started to happen on my system and was never solved. Pretty much made that engine useless for me…

Right, missed that bit. I have reported it as RH-35314


Hi wim,

Are you still able to reproduce this? I tried but failed.


The edge curves showing through geometry? No, that seems to be gone now.
Raytraced in layouts still doesn’t work, though?

Yes I was asking about the edge curves. Okay, good that it has somehow been fixed.

Layout YT issue https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-33343