Raytraced (cycles) Paly - Pause BUG

I find this bug when I’m try to use Raytraced viewport mode.
No effects when the material is changed.
Tested on Last Rhino 8 Wip.

For now toggle the viewport as you did. The Cycles integration is being completely rewritten, this will be handled as part of the process.

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Wow, that sounds like a lot of work. Can I ask what the benefits for us users will be?

The fresh smell of new, speed improvements, rewritten integration, bug fixes, Cycles X.

And if you work hard enough maybe even fame and recognition.


Hi, in my opinion the slowest part of rendering in Rhino is clunky UI.
You can take a big effort to cut rendering times in half from 2 to 1 minute of waiting, but there will be still an hour or more of frustrating process of tweaking materials with an unresponsive and clunky UI.
Feature set is also a bit limited.
I don’t know how the “smell of new” will match it.

If you could please tell us more about rewritten integration that may disperse some worries.

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You’ll have to wait for the work in v8 to see how it goes, improvements to the rendering UI are also planned. But I am concentrating mostly on Cycles X integration for the moment.