Raytraced / Cycles lighting questions

The current default is 0 to be closer to Rhino Render. Indeed 2 (or higher) for more realistic rendering.

Rhino lights aren’t going to see any changes for 6.x. None of the Rhino lights have fall-off (which is a PITA). That said: instead of using point lights you could add spheres (or any form object really), then add Cycles emissive material.

edit: note that with Fall-off you also need to have a separate strength control. 0-100% doesn’t mean anything, but rather you’d need a way to input the energy strength (which you can with Cycles emissive material).

SphereLightWithCyclesEmissive.3dm (197.9 KB)

If you can’t see the emissive material run TestShowPrivateContent.

This way you can create essentially neon tube figures.


Can you attach a file that shows this? Then I don’t have to guess all the settings (:

The Rhino Custom material with emission is indeed very limited. The best way to get a bright image is to use self-illumination. This causes materials to show up bright even when in shadow. Unfortunately for Rhino Custom self-illumination the shader has been set up to not have such objects cast light.

I’m creating some YT items for tracking requests. I have created the following YT items: RH-42038, RH-42039 and RH-42040