Raytraced - viewport-specific settings

So, I’ve been far too busy with typing code, so I thought I’d show quickly what I’m working on right now. This is something that in one form or another should appear in a next WIP. @clement, I hope you like this (:

edit: Note that this is just a small set of all the settings that eventually can be exposed. For now this is to ensure Everything Works As It Should.


@nathanletwory, very nice ! Good to see the Throttle option in action which will hopefully help to prevent lags in the UI. One question though, are you planning to implement something like saving and restoring integrator presets ? This would be helpful in case of different image series required for eg. indoor lightning, studio shots etc. ?

btw. if you could add a Defaults button to restore all settings in one go would be appreciated. Thanks for all the big improvements :wink:


Yes to both questions.