Ray Traced View to PDF

We are trying to print a ray traced viewport on a layout to a PDF. The pdf will show the orange bar that shows the ray trace progress. How do we print a fully ray traced render on our layout?

Hi - the Cycles info / progress bar showing in details on a layout is a known issue (RH-50153) and I have added your request to get rid of that.

That said, please note that what you print to PDF will not be the view in Raytraced mode but in Rendered mode. This is also a known issue: RH-48629.

In the image below, the detail with the perspective view is in the Raytraced mode and is “active”. If the layout is active, you will see that the display in that detail will switch to rendered. Printing - even with the detail active - will always cause the detail to be in rendered mode. [In the image - note the reflection of the cube in the sphere as proof of this].

So, for the time being, if you need to have a Raytraced view on your layout, you will have to let the view finish (might as well use a maximized viewport in model space for this), then capture that view (to file or clipboard) and then paste that image on your layout where the detail would be.

I’d like to add my vote to the further development of layouts to work better with Raytraced viewports. I just spent 1.5 hours setting up a dozen cameras, named views, and layouts assuming I could " “batch” render a bunch of views to a multi-page PDF…only to discover that it doesn’t work. My fault for not testing one first but it would be amazing if I could work with Layouts this way.

vp pdf

This issue is also present in Rhino 7 WIP. Do we know if this is going to be addressed? This would be a deal breaker as far as eventually upgrading if we would still have to use Rhino 5 to render ray traced viewports with neon.

Hi Chad - I don’t get the exact same result you do but it amounts to the same - the capture is of a very early iteration, not the pixels on screen in the viewport.

RH-58215 Print does not match raytraced viewport
Hm, after the actual Print, Rhino is not responding, and the pdf file is not on disk, which suggests that Rhino is busy raytracing for the export… I’ll let you know.

Nope, seems to be locked up.I guess it is trying to re-raytrace at 600 dpi and 8.5 by 11 scale.
On a simpler model I see that it does indeed capture the first iteration.

RH-58215 Print does not match raytraced viewport


IMO raytraced views in layouts should be rendered to texture and stored in the file so it doesn’t have to rerender at export.
That way the viewport could have a dpi setting so we could mix both high and low res details in one layout.

That would be smooth :wink: