Rating difference


when I searched for plugin I saw e.g. plugin with rating like this:

But when I go inside I see rating like this:

It is just an example, because basically such differenece occurs for all plugins.

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Star rating in search has been wrong / off for awhile. I dunno how even useful these are. Most plugins don’t really get any ratings anyway because I don’t think many even know about it (to click some very small stars in upper right corner). Pufferfish for example, 180k+ downloads and like 300 ratings. Very far apart numbers. Personally, I’ve never let that star rating determine what I download, I forget it even exists myself :slight_smile:


Hello! This is a known issue and is being worked on. It should be fixed shortly.

@fraguada wouldn’t it be better to make the star rating a bit more intelligent, so weigh it based on the amount of downloads, on the positivity of the feedback, the fact if it is in active development, etc. (I’m sure some automatic reading of the feedback text can give some info on that part). And basically not give a plugin a star rating until it has sufficient votes, downloads.

I think adding rating when posting a feedback is better like in Google play

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All of those metrics would make for an interesting rating and possibly something we can look at implementing in a future version of f4r.

Shouldn’t this rather be implemented in the Package Manager, or: shouldn’t the package manager inside Rhino somehow be linked to food4rhino and display the same information? Now that the package manager is getting more integrated, theoretically you don’t need to go to food4rhino any longer?!

Also, I think as discussed often, does it make sense to keep the “food4rhino” name and different branding? I never understood why it has to look and sound like it is separate from Rhino3D. Can’t we have one proper website for everything Rhino like all the other software packages do?

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Yeah, it would be great to e.g. inside Rhino have this connection with this website to automatically download plugins.