food4Rhino reaches 2 million downloads!

The plug-in community service food4Rhino reached recently 2 million downloads!

We want to thank all the developers that contribute with their Rhino plug-ins, Grasshopper add-ons and scripts, and of course all our customers.

On our side, we continue improving the platform and as always your feedback is welcome!

Check the latest apps now for Meshing, Virtual Reality, Structural Analysis, CFD, Multi-objective Optimization, Rendering, Marine Design, AEC and much more!

Posted Sep 21, 2017 by Carlos Perez on Rhino News, etc.


The site still has issues with keeping the filtering apps by type - when we try to filter Rhino-apps, still most of them are Grasshopper plugins. Clearly you should not rely on developers to categorize them correctly - it should be moderated better to control the content and keep it more usable.

hope this can be revisited and improved or the manual fixes should be more thorough.

thank you,


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Hi Jarek,

You’re right, some developers mark both Rhino and GH as the platform. We review manually all new apps, but it seems we need to review again a few ones (we’ll do it asap @cecile).

If there are any apps you know for sure which is the right platform, we’ll appreciate if you send us the list to


Hi Jarek,

Thanks for informing us!
I checked all the RHino&GH Apps and corrected those that were wrong.
Some are really working on GH and Rhino so I left them as is.

All the best!


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If I may offer some consctructive criticism … the descriptions for most plugins are not very helpful - they often start off with redudant information like the name of the plugin and tell you thats its a plugin (duh!), then the actual description gets cut off. And extraneous information like who developed it or if its “simple and easy” or whatever is best kept for the long description .
Here’s what I mean: