Food4Rhino Downloads vs. Package Manager Downloads

Hi - I have a general Question about how downloads are counted on Food 4 Rhino vs. Package Manager.

If a Plugin has 25 Downloads on Food 4 Rhino and 21 on the package manager, has the Plugin been downloaded 25 + 21 = 46 times?


Hello Martin,
Your calculations are correct. Food4Rhino doesn’t take into account the Yak install count. But maybe it should. I will add an issue to get this looked at. I don’t think it would make sense for the package manager to report dl from Food4Rhino. We are working on further integrations between Food4Rhino and the Package Manger, so maybe this will change in the future.

Currently AFAIK PackageManager counts downloads from yak server, food4Rhino counts clicks on webpage.

I have noticed that A LOT of people are clicking on food4Rhino to open Package Manager, but they are not downloading plugin from there - or they click even 20 times install button on webpage to get to the Package Manager succesfully. I guess people like to click if it has no consequences.

@Lukasz you are correct.
F4R counts “clicks” on any type of links.
If the link is a package manager link ("rhino*://) that opens Package Manager, F4R counts a download and Package Manager counts another download.
If the link is a standard link, that only counts on F4R downloads.
25 downloads on F4R and 21 in Package Manager is not always 46 downloads.
If the users always clicks on F4R that means 25 downloads in F4R, 21 in Package Manager, and 4 in another link of the app that does not belong to Package Manager.

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