Randomizing curtain wall mullion types/colors

Hi, I tried to randomize curtain wall mullion types. This seems to work only for one of the walls even if the script shows that mullion types have been updated (see types A1,A2,A3 and A4). Any thoughts if this could be somehow fixed?

I’m having a hard time seeing what is going on with your branching.

Here’s one way to do it.

Somehow the script is still not updating mullions.

Does this work for you? Revit 2023, let me know if you need an earlier version.

Re_Mullion_Type_Switch.gh (19.0 KB)
re-Mullions.rvt (1.6 MB)

I got finally back to this issue. I updated the latest Rhino Inside Revit. Both scripts seems to do the job if the wall justification in revit is set to “Center” (not to “Beginning”). Coloring in your script somehow didn’t work. Anyways, I got the job done. Thank you!

Don’t you need to unpin the mullions before trying to change their types ?

Nope, the script seemed to work without unpinning. Seems that coloring in 2d works also now fine.