Random mesh in volume?

Does anyone know of ways or tutorial that could create something like this?
I found many tutorial on random crossing on a flat or curved surface but can’t find any tutorial on how to create it in 3d volume like this in this photo.

Thank you!

It possibly boils down to having a three-dimensional agent-based simulation with attractors that the particles are controlled by (like gravity) or some sort boundary object that constrains the boids.
You then record their positions though time - their trails -, and given that you let the simulation run long enough and with an appropriately high agent count, you should end up with a rat’s nest like this. There are lots of threads about these sorts of things here on the forum. Simply search for the highlighted keywords.

It could be done with that

No need of agent boid … just make a surface then use my tool and adapt the slider to get what you want

Looks way different to me.

But you can get that without lot of work. it is juts a sphere with 2 paths.

By the way it seems to be a Daniel Widrig job

Sure, you can get something similar but the inside is hollow, instead of “structural”. :slight_smile:

Thank you replying but I’m looking for a way to fill up the whole space in the middle, not hollow…

It could be good you post a geometry and some constrain on the curves. Is it for rendering, 3d printing … ? It is very easy to make sort of ray reflection (polylines).

You better choose a good agent plugin (QUELEA, culebra) and work with it.