Pattern on surfaces

One of the solution is to use Geodesic with a departure point, a direction and a distance.
For the moment I can’t publish my script and I don’t know if there are some Geodesic script doing that. You could use this script to mimic geodesic path. I will look tonight if I could tweak the script, must not be difficult.

The idea is simple
Populate the geometry with point, find the normal (Brep closest point), put a plane, random rotate this plane around Z, use X direction of the plane as direction of geodesic.
Walk along the mesh for a certain distance.
You then have a path following the surface. Then pipe this path.
You just need to input the number of points, the length of the curve and it must work.

I didn’t go for a deep modification, there are many unnecessary things. But it seems to work.

A fast tweak of old script

RectPattern (20.4 KB)