Random Material Generator - Give Unique Materials for TwinMotion

Does anyone have a plugin, etc, to automatically generate unique materials (maybe with options to assign them per object/group/layer, etc.)? In TwinMotion objects are basically grouped by material, and any objects that share a Rhino material will inherit a material change within TM.

So if it were possible to just assign unique materials, it would streamline the process.

I found this on another thread. Anyone able to create a tool that could take a layer’s color (or object’s color) and assign a new material with the same color parameter?

And this script changes material assignment from “per layer” to “per object”-
'SelAll -properties _material _o _enter _enter _enter

Hi @Alan_Farkas,

This old script of mine might be what you are after, if I remember correctly it assigns a unique material per layer to all objects on the layer. If an object already has a material assigned the script will ignore it.

Convert different layers to materials

Thanks so much @lando.schumpich! Apologies for the very late reply, especially after you responded so quickly. Much appreciated.