Auto-assign materials


I need to automatically assign materials to layers so it can be picked up by my rendering software (lumion)

Is there a way to automatically assign custom materials to layers?

It doesn’t matter what they are they just all need to be unique so I can assign materials later when rendering. Just a colour is fine. It’s just very time consuming otherwise.

Thank you!

Hi Andrew - see if the attached python does what you need - (580 Bytes)

To use the Python script use RunPythonScript, or a macro:

_-RunPythonScript "Full path to py file inside double-quotes"


Hey thank you, I will try and be back if any issues!

  • andrew

There is also the SynchronizeRenderColors command.

— Dale

This is a advance function

This video doesn’t show what I asked. And there is no explanation. So it is not relevant.

Looks like you have some GH skills maybe post this on the GH forum?

great I’ll try that too!