Random mass rotate in place

1.i have this diagramm …how i can rotate the trees in place but in a random rotate angle?

without a file, i can only describe a way to do it.

  1. bounding boxes around each tree
  2. create a list of random rotation values, one for each tree
  3. rotate the trees using those values around the centroid of the bounding boxes

ok…thnx i will try it ( i am new and i hope to learn) and i will post again…


Try @jaymezd method if you’re unable to achieve it. Next time post your script/ file. That will be more easy to help.


any help how create a list of random rotation values, one for each tree???


Check this out but bear with my tree model ha ha :grinning:

Rotate in place BVR re.gh (915.2 KB)


thnx u bro…!but what if have more trees e.g i didnt count how many copies i have…so how i will be able to enter the exact gene count in the gene pool??is there a way to do it with a number slider??


Use list length to count the number of items and a random component with a domain of 0 to 360 to generate a uniqe rotation angle for each tree. Change the seed value until you like the result.

thnx…!i will try it…how i insert the random component with a domain??
sorry bro i am new to all this…and struggling…

Just upload your Gh script with Internalized Data of trees this will be quite easy to all while helping.

rotate in place.gh (8.6 KB)

i dk how to set the range…thnx

This what Internalise Data means next time upload file without error.

I suggest you to first learns gh bascis from here:


Read this too:

rotate in place.gh (6.4 KB)

File with range.

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thnx and sorry for the mess…so thnx again…