Rotating boxes

Dear friends,

I´m trying to rotate randomly my boxes in only 3 angles (90º, 180º, 270º), but I can´t make it work. It keeps turning them in all the angles between those 3 that I want.
Any sugestions??
Thank you very much. (30.6 KB) (9.1 KB)

Dear @backheuser
you need to pick random items from a list.
therefore the random component is generating indices starting from 0…(n-1)

you have to use the random component to generate those indices.
and i am not sure, if the random component includes the upper bound as backup i use a -0.0001.

Round → Floor is important to have equal distribution / occurrences of each value.
If you use Round - > nearest and a domain from 0…2
0.0…0.49… → 0
0.5…1.49… → 1
1.5…2.0 → 2
so the boundary-values will be half the occurrence.

use your angles instead of the text - i just used the text to better distinguish between index and item.

hope this helps - kind regards -tom

Deat @Tom_P

It´s working!

Thank you very much.