RailRevolve change between SR1 and SR3

I have recently diagnosed a change from SR1 to SR3 with the Rail Revolve command. In SR1 the command seemed to work as we expected it to. After changing to SR3 the result of the command in some instances resulted in differing outputs.

looked into SR changes on the web and have stumbled onto “RailRevolve changing RH-17490(Bug) Rail Revolve with Diameter option fails”. I am not sure if this is a SR1 to SR2 or SR3 but I can verify that SR1 works and SR3 doesn’t or results in something different then SR1.

If you could shed some light on what may be happening it would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Jim,

Do you have a sample file that shows the issue you mention? Also, if possible, can you update your Rhino to the current SR5?



Yes, I do have a sample that I can send you. Yes, I can update to SR5.


Thanks Jim, if it doesn’t happen in SR5 please let me know as well if you can.

Broken in SR5 as well, I sent you the sample.3dm