Bug: RailRevolve History Replay

You can’t move a RailRevolve without the profile going crazy.

Test file:
RailRevolveBug.3dm (87.8 KB)

Repro Steps (each input to the command is labeled on separate layers):

Grab the profile, rail, and axis curves and move them to the right:

The history replay flips the profile curve halfway through the revolve:

Hi Eric - I see this - I guess it is because the axis line is not really an input object - just the two points you place using this as a reference. Revolve was tweaked to habndle this - you can move an axis curve that was snapped to to establish the axis, I imagine RailRevolve can get a similar massage.

RH-81993 RailRevolve - use an axis curve with History


BlendSrf history replay is fairly stable with RailRevolve, but then RailRevolve is missing the axis … :man_facepalming:

I can’t win.