Railing style in Grasshopper

Is there a possibility to create a railing style for Visualarq in Grasshopper like this image :

I have seen the possibility to create vertical and horizontal elements, but not 45° inclined elements.

Best regards, Simon


Hi @simon12,

If you have a Grasshopper definition that generates this kind of railing then you can create the VisualARQ style with it. Unfortunately we don’t have it yet in our templates or in food4rhino.

In case you model it by yourself I wouldn’t create all the 45º wires, because they are so small and they would make the model too heavy. What you can do is to create a surface and apply a texture with transparency to this subcomponent ChainlinkFence.rmtl (451.0 KB). That way it would be lighter and in case of rendering the light will go through the holes as if they were modeled.


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Thank you very much Ramon. I will try it on the next days.
Best regards,