Radio Button in HumanUI

I am not sure I am using Radio Button in HumanUI properly, but every time I modify the value it changes the value twice. See the picture and the file below:

This is a problem in my case since I am triggering another operation. I could probably write a c# script as a workaround but I hope someone knows why this is happening and how to fix it.
HumanUI (12.1 KB)

Figured it out:

In case someone has the same problem!

Yup: this comes from listening to a list of radio buttons. It’s gonna trigger an execution of the value listener component once for each item, but on each execution it will return all the button states. Listening to a single radio button is the right solution!

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Hi @andheum, not sure if this question belongs here but since the title is generally on Radio Buttons in Human UI I figured I’d ask here first.

Is there a way to set the value of radio buttons? i.e. dynamically set which radio button in a group is selected? Similar to the set checkbox component but with radio button behaviour. Thanks!