Request for more Set components

Hello, I’m a huge fan of HumanUI; I’ve used it to build scripts that my coworkers and I use every day. However, I keep running into a limitation when I’m trying to build the cleanest, friendliest interfaces I can for them: so many of the UI Elements that I would like to use do not have corresponding Set components (just updated to to confirm). This means that whenever I want to implement a feature that requires Set components to function, I have to redo my interface to not include these Set-less elements, which compromises the overall quality.

Is there any chance that the following Set components will be included in a future update? Or is there an insurmountable reason that we do not currently and never will have these extremely useful components?

  • Set Gradient Editor
  • Set Graph Mapper
  • Set Markdown Viewer
  • Set Multidimensional Slider
  • Set Pulldown Menu
  • Set Radio Button
  • Set Range Slider
  • Set Toggle

I hope to see these components soon! Thanks for all the hard work.

Hi GM –

Great to hear you get a lot of value out of HumanUI. No promises on future updates but I can certainly keep these in mind as a list of desired updates as I add new features to my branch. One piece of good news is that you can set a Pulldown Menu using the Set List Contents component – not very discoverable, but it works.


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Thanks for the swift response! That’s good to know about Pulldown Menu, but sadly my most-desired components are Set Toggle, Set Radio Button, and Set Multidimensional Slider. I’ll keep holding my breath.

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