Radiation Analysis - Zero Error

Hi There,

I’m attempting to write a script which analyzes the radiation on the surface, and then uses that information to ‘Evolve’ the form through manipulating several points allowing for the least solar gain. I seem to be having an issue where several pieces of the mesh, at times all of the mesh are giving a value of zero.

I’ve attempted to unify normal’s on the mesh and then tried flipping without any success. I’ve also played around with the offset mesh test points option to resolve this but still haven’t managed to ween them out.

I had originally wrote a ‘IF’ statement which added a value of 10,000 if any of the points registered as 0, however this seems to limit the way in which the form evolves and sways the results.

Many thanks in advance for any suggestions.


Link to epw file: http://climate.onebuilding.org/WMO_Region_1_Africa/MAR_Morocco/DT_Draa-Tafilalet/MAR_DT_Ouarzazate.AP.602650_TMYx.zip

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You’ll have to isolate the part that you are having problems with and, for example, internalize geometry that comes out of non-standard components. I see that you used Pufferfish and that information will not be available to most of the users that will try to help you.