Radial Hexagon Pattern - Grasshopper Script

Can you please clarify that requirement? Is the image in your first post relevant or not?

Similar patterns have been done in GH for many years:

You basically have two choices. If each ring has the same number of hexagons (or circles), the circles/hexagons must get smaller. If the perimeter is not a circle, spacing gets more complicated, such as this effort of mine for a “Gradient Dot Pattern”, in this case on a curved surface:

The other choice, which sounds like what you are describing, is that each ring has fewer hexagons while keeping a consistent pattern, more like this:

@laurent_delrieu’s script can easily use hexagons instead of circles. It’s tricky to choose a Divide ‘N’ value to maintain the staggered pattern.

concentric_2023Feb11a.gh (9.5 KB)

The ‘B’ slider can be ‘R’ (floating point) instead of ‘N’ (integers).

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