Radial Array doesn't work

For some strange reason it will not distribute 3 triangles around 360° but would copy 2 additional instances into place. Does I have a mind bug? H

When rotate align 12 instances it would but copy 3 items into place each. when using SelDup wouldn’t work even the triangles are exactly above each other…
Day 6 Arabic Chandellier.3dm (252.8 KB)

Now it’s 6 instances… Freaking!

Logic. While arraying the triangle matches itself. Try it like this instead:

… or _Rotate with _Copy=Yes.

I assume you are using ArrayPolar. When the fill angle in Array Polar is set to 360 degree then it divides 360 by the number of objects desired to get the angle increment. For 3 objects and 360 the angle increment is 120 degrees. Rotate you triangle by 120 degrees and it coincides with the original. So 3 objects in 360 degrees appears to be 3 duplicate objects in the case of your triangle.

For fill angles less than 360 degrees Array Polar calculates the angle increment dividing the fill angle by (number of objects - 1) so that there is an object at the end of the fill angle. So 4 objects in 90 degree fill angle puts objects at 0, 30, 60 and 90 degrees. That looks like what you want. (Presumably the different behavior for 360 degrees is because an object at 360 degrees would be a duplicate of the original object.)

An alternative is to put in the step angle directly.

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