Polar array oddness

5A723 and 5A732 (never noticed prior).

I am trying to create a polar array of three items at 120° apart. They are 20mm diameter circles center on a 34mm diameter circle. I create one 20mm circle and select it, choose Polar array and then select “3” and set 120° and click step angle. The copies appear but I have no way of exiting except Cancel (which cancels the operation). Return does not work nor does Done.

NOTE: I like the new Basic panel with the expandable Details tab! Thanks!

Michael, it seems to work OK for me, but you have to select “step angle” first, then type the value and enter. The copies will appear highlighted, and enter again will confirm them.
Btw, when you want to fill the entire circle, just hit enter twice after specifying the number of copies you want for your array.


Ok, that did it. In the past I could swear I set the step angle and then clicked Step.

Thanks for the tip, very handy!