R8 - SR4 - Annotation Overrides Component Causing Error


I just updated to the latest SR4 branch and having an issue with the Content Cache component when caching Text Entities and Dimension Objects specifically. Everything else is caching fine.

I also cannot click on the error balloon message to expand it. Hover works, just not left mouse click.

@kike is this something you see on your end as well?

Graph Space:

Please see the attached .gh file with the problemed caches for reference.

Thank you!

20240118_content_cache_bug_01a.gh (841.8 KB)

Dimenions work fine here.

I tried with your file and passing the text entities through a Text Entity component seems to solve the problem.


Interesting, thanks for testing @martinsiegrist and providing a solution! I’ll give this a go!

To expand on this after further testing, the errors I’m getting are a result of utilizing an “Annotation Style Overrides” component upstream. If I bypass this component, I do not get any errors.

Hopefully that helps narrow it down @kike.

Separately, the cached Text Entities are not respecting the plane inputs. They are operating like text dots where they always face the camera instead of being plane aligned.

I’ll make a separate post about this separate issue.

Thank you all!