R8.2 - BUG - Content Cache Expiring Random Query Components


I’m running the latest build SR2 11/29 and am having issues with the Content Cache component expiring some of the Query components somewhat randomly.

Here’s one being expired (with a disabled text panel):

Here’s another:

And another:

Here’s the content cache, you can see there should not be any naming conflicts:

I’m getting this persistent error message as well despite there being no nulls:

I am completely stumped.

It is a very large and complex grasshopper definition so unfortunately I can’t share it here but I have 25+ Query and Cache components all working perfectly fine in this definition and every GH update I’ve been making it run again by updating to the latest changes as components have changed data types and such. This is the first time I’ve had this error though, and it only occurs on this single content cache component.

Oh and it’s worth mentioning, the content itself actually bakes correctly. The issue is that the component keeps locking up the overall definition by expiring components often/somewhat randomly.

I’ll attach a .gh file with the content being baked internalized as soon as I can.

Thanks for any suggestions and responses!

I believe I isolated the issue @kike , I realized this Content Cache component had Block Instances where as the other did not.

I disabled the content comprised of the block instances and now it performs as expected.

I’m now going to dig deeper specifically into the Block Instances and see if there’s an issue there.


EDIT 02:
After a lot more digging the error does appear to have something to do with Block Instances being Cached but I have no idea exactly what is causing it.

I triggered the error on a separate cache component with a single block instance and now the error is persistent, despite the content still caching okay visually.

I do believe this is a bug as the exact same blocks were working fine prior to this update and I didn’t trigger the error until I used the block manager to purge the blocks, then reloaded them via GH Import Content component. (This same method worked without error on all versions previously)

I’ll continue to see if I can narrow the exact cause down.

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The indexing issue was a separate item and the random expiration of components is not longer an issue. This appears to have been fixed in the most recent 8.2 Service Release. Thanks @kike