R8 Object Manager

A full scene/object manager for everything in Rhino is a massive project. We are going to focus on the block aspect of this for Rhino 8 to provide a panel that is a replacement for the existing block manager. This lets us focus on trying to make one thing actually work as well as get the pieces in place for supporting more ways to view the objects in a Rhino model in the future. We know the current block manager is a pain point for many users and want to try to make that pain go away.

I can’t say how far down the road a full object manager would show up. A lot of that depends on how this block management panel progresses.

You have to start somewhere; we’re starting with blocks.


Thank you for the clarification.
As I am in Game Development and need to keep track on single objects
a simple tool that is showing me / allows to select the objects on a layer would be sufficient for me.
Do you know any pplgin that con provide me with that funkctionality?

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Hi Andreas -

I take it the SelLayer command doesn’t do what you need?

Soory, bad discription from my side.
I meant some kind of list view of all objects of a layer

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I don’t know of a plug-in that does that, no.

I hope you also look at the Ux with nested block editing and consider moving “block definitions” away from user layers, because due to that feature I have to both cut, paste and move any block I want to edit since the block definition shows up “disabled” causing visual glitches when you edit in place, so if I want to avoid that I have to do this dance on anything I import:


Looking forward to when we get an R8 Block Manager thread (though right now, it scarily sounds as if it won’t be an upgrade of the layers panel itself, but rather still it’s own thing… but small steps I guess).

Hei Robert -

Is that something that you could explain in more detail?

So, I usually link a huge collection of threads about blocks whenever someone raises another block issue, and I didn’t want to do it this time since McNeel is finally on the ball, but since you asked:


(The workaround above is something I figured out recently, but I haven’t updated that thread with it.)