R7 Boxedit doesn't work for SubD faces, edges and vertices

While BoxEdit handles SubD objects like it does Nurbs

which is great,

it doesn’t show values for SubD faces, vertices or edges like it does for Nurbs faces, vertices and edges:

which is a shame, if you want to place such elements precisely. The workaround is to use SetPt, but that is less efficient.

(Rhino 7.2.20343.11011, 08/12/2020)

Hm… not here.


Sorry @pascal,

That’s another one that worked in 6

but doesn’t in 7…

Can we add that to the list as well please.

Ah, yes, I’ll get that on the heap, thanks.
RH-61960 BoxEdit: apply to sub objects


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since you are at it, can we also copy paste a few more lines of code and make it work with anything that when you select, if it turns yellow, it should be in the BoxEdit input.

here… I’ll programm it for you guys. Just paste this in github.McNeel/7/final/final

       if yellowstuff then BoxEditDammIt
/end rant



Thanks @pascal; on the plus side it looks like you guys fixed the problem with BoxEdit not tracking moved objects (R7 Boxedit bad change from R6). Appreciated!