I spent a lot of money on Rhino6, here's why it's useless - it's a BoxEdit flaw

I’ve had Rhino6 for months now. I thought it would be better. Instead, I find that I still do my day-to-day work in Rhino 5. The reason is just one little thing that makes Rhino6 functionally useless to me.

It’s about BoxEdit. I use it a lot, to reposition and resize things. I probably use BoxEdit once every 30 seconds. It’s my main tool. BoxEdit makes me work fast. I should mention too, I use a black background.

Ok, so in Rhino 5, you’d select an object, it would highlight yellow. Say in BoxEdit you reposition it. The yellow highlighted original stays in its original position, and at the same time you can see the object move in its assigned color. For example, if the object was a red line, you will see it as a red line as it moves with your BoxEdit command. So, on a black background you can see what’s going on.

Now, in Rhino 6, you select the object, it highlights as yellow and this stays put as the original object. So far so good. Then you use BoxEdit to reposition it, resize it or whatever. But Rhino6 doesn’t move the object in its assigned color. Instead, it colors the moved object black while BoxEdit is active. So I have absolutely no idea where the object is. I’m using a black background - and the moving object is black. It doesn’t matter if the view is wireframe or shaded, or if the object is a line or a surface. Same problem. I can’t see what I’m doing. It’s useless.

Is there any chance that this could be altered in a future update to Rhino6? The moving BoxEdit object needs to be colored its assigned color, not changed to black. Is that possible, please? Please. I’d really like to use my Rhino6 license. So, McNeel, could you do this? I would be very grateful.

Hi Ian - this looks wrong to me- thanks for the report.



Just looked through all options and there’s nothing there that can change this.

Great. Thanks for that, Pascal.
I’m happy that you recognize it as a problem that needs fixing.

Thanks Ian,

I have mentioned this before, I used BoxEdit everyday flawlessly in R5, hoping it will at some point be the same in R6! my work around atm is to have both versions open and when I need to use boxedit I just cut and paste across to R5, use boxedit there and then cut and paste back to r6. It is an amazing tool and it should work the same in if not better in R6.

In R6 it is incredible slow compared to what it was in R5 and some functionality has been lost. I’m talking particularly about modifying multiple objects at the same time.


Hello - several BoxEdit tuneups were added recently - I believe to 6.10. 6.9 is the current version but you can get 6.10 by setting Options > Updates and Statistics page > ‘Update frequency’ to ‘Release candidate’. If you try it please report back…



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I said it many times. BoxEdit in 6 is bad. It seems that you guys go and patch a hole in it every time someone complains loudly, but it’s obvious no developer has said:

“Let’s stop this BoxEdit patchwork madness, let’s spend a few hours and look, play, try a bunch of things and learn all the ways it’s just not working even close to what it was in V5. Let’s even go deeper and fix all the shortcoming it had in V5 already and let’s make it awesome in V7!”

Mc Neel team, it’s time. Make it awesome.



Boxedit is not a modeling tool, it´s a deformation tool that destroys your geometry. Maybe my workflow is some kind of different, but i have no idea how you can use it every 30 seconds.

Thanks Pascal - I had been following the progress of the tweak on myjetbrains – hadn’t realised it was already in the latest RC. I just updated my R6 and tried it out. I am very satisfied with the work you did on it, it certainly solves the problem. Thanks heaps.

As to usage, it is very handy when you have ‘boxy’ things to draw, either in 2D or 3D. Anything with a curve (other than a plain circle or sphere), yes it will destroy it.

thanks @pascal, i’ll update my r6, have a look and report back.

weather it is a modelling tool or not is irrelevant. It is a tool that aids the design process and workflows of many in all sorts of different ways. it may have limitations but it wont destroy your geometry if you use it smartly. i think it is a great tool. and it has been mentioned by many that it doesn’t work as well as it did before, we are just sending feedback to make R6 better.

Perhaps you are confusing it with CageEdit? BoxEdit does simple transforms that don’t destroy geometry.

Sorry, my mistake. You are right: CageEdit is not Boxedit. This one just scales.