R7 - 2 trimmed ellipses - loft

hey guys,

i tried to make a loft with these two curves (trimmed ellipses), but it seems that rhino is mixing something up (resulting poly surface).

absolute tolerance is 0,0001 meters.

could you please have a quick look at that?

thank you,

loft-ellipsen.3dm (144.6 KB)

Hi Benjamin - it looks to me like these are not really matching curves - one is a polycurve - ( and not ellipses either - but I am not sure that matters. If the trimmed curves are not chopped off at the same partameters, they will not match in Loft - I would loft the complete curves and then trim the surface.



you are right, thank you.

edit: i copied the lower curve to the top, trimmed it a little bit and the loft doesnt work. is that working as intended?
loft-ellipsen2.3dm (167.0 KB)


Hi Benjamin - I don’t know if ‘intended’ is the right word but it is working as I’d expect, I think - Loft is sensitive to input curve structure - one reason the ‘Rebuild’ option is in there. By trimming one of the curves at a different location (parameter) than the other, it no longer matches the other, and the surface becomes more complex.