R6 wip interface tool button display

Hi, its a really small thing, but in R6 is a display glitch of the button tips. It is very obvious as it appears on every single tool, but it has not been removed in the last three versions of wip updates.
It seems the size of the tooltip is not matching the size of the symbol, so there is a part of the next symbol showing.
A sniplet of a screenshot is attatched:

Same here


Funny, this topic finally showed up in Serengeti after I changed it from Rhino for Windows - but about two hours later…

I am also seeing some of that, and in addition, for those tooltips that do have LMB/RMB entries, the black border around the box is not complete at the bottom…

Thanks, I filed this last year as well. I’ll add this thread to the bug track item too.