Tooltip bug on 4k display

Hi all,

I donno where to report bug, I do it here, sorry if this is not the right place.

My screen resolution 3840x2160p

The Rhino version is :
Work In Progress
(6.0.17017.13261, 1/17/2017)

Problem: the tooltips are bugged at the toolbars. Not all of them but only the doubled ones, when you wanna show one for L click and one for R click. One tooltip covers the other, you can see only a fragment of the covered one. I can try to make screenshot if you can’t reproduce this, but it won’t be easy to catch tooltips. The bug is not new it was present in the previous WIP also.
This is a minor bug but it looks ugly, and easy to fix.


Thanks for the bug report. This is the proper place for letting us know.

We do know about this issue and have it on our list of bugs that must be fixed before shipping V6.

The tool-tip problem should be fixed in the next release.

RH-36424 is fixed in the latest WIP

Hi Brian,

I think I use the latest WIP, you can check the version above.
Its not fixed.


The current version is this one:

6.0.17024.22391 - 2017-01-24

Thanks Wim,

Sorry , few hours ago I checked for update, it wasn’t there yet.
Now I can see the update. I’m installing…

And yes its perfect now, simply its beautiful :slight_smile:
Thank you so much.