Quoted text to cursor location?

Often I start a reply to someone/something and then decide that I want to quote something in an earlier post; the problem is that when I select the text to be quoted and hit the “Quote reply” box, the pasted in quote always goes to the end of the text I’m writing, which is not always where I want it…

Could it go to the cursor location instead? Most of the time that will be at the end of the text anyway, but if you plan ahead and put the cursor where you want the quote to appear, it would be nice to have it inserted there. I find I am often quoting something, then cutting the inserted quote block from the bottom and pasting it elsewhere… mainly because the quote is an afterthought and not planned from the beginning of the post.

Thx, --Mitch

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Good idea.

It’s been so long ago since we decided that, I can’t remember the initial thinking behind where we insert the quoted text, but it’s clearly debatable what the “correct” location for inserting new quoted text should be.