When you leave a page the text edit box sticks


And won’t go away until you reach cancel.

@sam, might not be a bug but I’ve already posted to the wrong thread on the past, just now figured why.

(Brian Gillespie) #2

I found that a little confusing until I needed to go to another thread to get part of my answer. At that point, it was useful to continue browsing around discourse, find the other thread, copy and paste an important part, and be able to quote it directly in the message.

When you end up pressing the Reply button, Discourse asks you which topic you want to post into.

I think it could be clearer if the question it asks was:

Do you want to post into:
This topic (Alternate styling for Discourse)
Original topic (When you leave a page the text edit box sticks)

So that it’s easier to determine which topic corresponds to the buttons you are given.


Yeah, already got messed up on that one once… would be great.


Agreed that it could be tweaked. Though in general, I do like the ability to bounce around a bit without losing what I’ve typed in the reply box.


Definitely. However the wording was confusing enough that it caused me to post my reply in the wrong topic. I’m only asking for a wording change.

(Brian Gillespie) #6

I suggested a change on http://meta.discourse.org