Quickest way to make a 3mm thick walled box and get voulme of wall?

I need to QUICKLY create a hollow box entering w d and h in cm, then make the walls 3mm thick heading inwards from the initial box, and get volume of the walls only.

If I use the solid box tool then offset 3mm it wont let me have volume of just the walls .

what method should I use thats QUICK.

It is simply to estimate box weight for ebay, as making boxes up and weighing them for items that never sell is stupid !

I also add in the bubble wrap, so again placing a box within this and doing same to whatever thickness I require does for that !


I think we answered this awhile back…

It’s as simple as making the two boxes, getting the volume of each and subtracting one from the other. OffsetSrf solid=yes with 3mm on the outer box will make the inner box.

If you have to have a hollow box, make the outer box, OffsetSrf solid to make the inner one, then select the two and run NonManifoldMerge, followed by CreateRegions. You will have the walls with thickness as one object and the inner volume as the other. Just get the volume of the outer walls part and delete the inner volume.

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