How to create a mold

How can one create a mold of an object by subtraction. Imagine a toy suspended inside of a closed box.
One would think that using BooleanDifference would allow to subtract the toy from the closed box, leaving a hollow center, which is the mold for making the toy.
Problem is the toy and closed box, even though they are solid ploysurfaces, they never touch so BooleanDifference fails. Any thoughts ?

Rhino does work with hollow solids which have inner and outer surfaces which do not touch. It is possible to create such an object in Rhino and export it but there is not much you can directly do with it in Rhino.

If you were making a mould, would the toy not have a sprue, or the mould have a parting line?

Either split the box minimum in to two solids
or use DENDRO
Mesh → Voxel → Booleans → Back to Mesh

Not making a mould, just used that as my idea was not being understood. I’ll try the DENRO

using sketches or posting models you are working on can help your explanation. also opening up several topics is not needed. i am sure if you would answer questions being asked there it would be less of a hustle for everyone…

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Be glad to upload drawing, but there is no option for such. Is there a time limit before a new person can attach ?

PS: Found Upload icon for attaching. Will start a new topic based on what has been learned and include drawing and images.

that is exactly what you should not do, if you add new material pls do it either here or in the first topic you have created. distributing the information just bloats it and makes it hard to follow for those attending.