Quick select

Hi All,

In autocad you have a command “quick select”. I use this command to search in a drawing for arc’s with a radius above a certain maximum or of lines with a very short length. These entities cause problems with some CNC machines and therefore I need to clean my drawings. I work with a measure arm to digitize templates, so I have no control over the drawn radii etc.
This is the only reason I still have autocad on my computer…

I hope you can help me.

Well, you can use SelShortCrv to find curves shorter than a specified length. Other than that, some scripts can help perhaps. The following allow you to select entities greater than, less than a specified value or within a range of values.

SelCrvsByLength.py (2.5 KB)

SelLinesByLength.py (2.6 KB)

SelByRadius.py (2.6 KB)

HTH, --Mitch