Questions about HumanUI

I’ve been using grasshopper for a while now. I’ve just started with HumanUI.
The element that creates a border. The corner radius doesn’t seem to work with any number I put in. Anyone have experience with this element?

Ok. I am replying to my own question because I could not edit it. It looks like I’m working with the latest version of HumanUI, Human UI
2019-11-10. This version added the border element. On Food for Rhino it says refer questions to the forum instead of trying to reach anyone from the Food for Rhino site. Does anyone know if the HumanUI project is still alive? I like the ability to create a Window of my controls. It is mostly working very well for me, better than the remote panel.

The project is only loosely maintained… i don’t have much time for it any longer. I try to go through and review pull requests every once in a while to add fixes and new features contributed by others.

As for the border component, the border radius appears to work fine here:

Thank you for the example. I was putting in much too small numbers for the radius.