Question to the Architects

Is Ashampoo used widely in the building design nowadays?

What are its advantages, disadvantages compared with Rhino?

IMPORTANT: Please don’t delete the post because it’s not Rhino related, I want know what’s the Rhino’s user perspective towards Ashampoo CAD software.

Thanks in advance.

Never ever heard of this name during my 20+ life as an architect.


Me neither until two days ago :smiley:

One would assume if there are 8 versions targeting architects it would be a popular one.

In my opinion you can’t compare these two unless you do simple stuff. Their gallery isn’t impressive and we both know what Rhino is capable of. Price range is also miles away.

I was looking for a quick interior (including walls) design of a house layout that’s 2d+3d and saw Ashampoo’s videos having a catalog with stairs and walls and furniture. I don’t want to spend weeks modeling these in Rhino so I wanted a quicker solution.

I know in general you can’t compare Rhino’s functionalities but perhaps the plugin for Rhino that is directly targeting building/interior design.

Since that plugin is paid I cannot make a proper comparison.

I have never heard of this. They seem to think it’s great for building single-family homes.

Not that I know of. I also worked many years in the architecture department of a major university and I never saw it. AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, VercorWorks, Rhino, Sketchup yes, but never anything by Ashampoo.

I have heard of the name though - and if you go look at their site, they sell all kinds of consumer/amateur software from multimedia stuff to utilities like registry cleaners. So it looks like this software is the kind of amateur home/kitchen designer stuff that one might have found on the shelves of the local multimedia/computer store - if people still went to those… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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