[Question} Select Intersected Cells

Hello everyone, I met some problems when I am trying to select specific cells in a square matrix that intersected with circle.
I am trying to select the square cells that intersected with the circles I built, but I cannot match the branches between points and cells. Could you please help me take a look?
Thank you very much.
Selecting Intersected Cells.gh (18.8 KB)

Like this?

Selecting Intersected Cells_re.gh (19.6 KB)


Thank you very much. It’s exactly what I want.
One more question:
If I want to select every cell intersected and within circles, how may I do it?

Just add a surface between the circle and the Collision One Obstacle input to essentially just fill the circle void.

Thank you very much.
One more question.
If I want to paint circles and their intersections in different color, how should I do?
For example, squares in circle 1 is colored as red, squares in circle 2 is colored as blue, and squires contains part of circle 1 and 2 is colored as purple.