Intersection of Circles with Gradient effect

Dear All,

I am trying to make an intersection from the series of circles and hold some specific profiles. I wanted those Intersection surfaces to get gradually reduced in size at the edge. I have tried some methods but it does not work like what I wanted. Can you please help me in this Regard?

Thanks in Advance, Arni
Circles (14.5 KB)

that’s a pretty complex intersection, at least for me… :slight_smile:

this is the best I could think about, culling parts based on area, but it needs some manual cleaning afterwards (15.2 KB)


Hello Inno,

Thank u so much for your code. Looks fine for me. Thanks again


The code what you gave me is old one. Can you please post your codes?

wow, you are right, I had attached your own definition… here is the right one, sorry for that!
(I’m also editing my old post and replacing the file with the right one) (15.2 KB)

Thanks Inno!