Intersect circles with each other?


I’m trying to intersect various circles with each other so that I can color/fill the overlapping regions with a different color, but I have no idea how.

(I colored in the regions with a highlighter to show what I want a different color)

I also want to be able to calculate their areas. Can I separate what’s overlapping and what’s not? Is it possible to also do the same concept but with spheres?

EDIT: Sorry I forgot to mention this, but is it possible to do this with multiple clusters of circles as well?

Any ideas greatly appreciated!


Try this (11.5 KB)

This is amazing, thank you! It definitely works for a single cluster of circles, but when I make multiple, it starts to behave differently. Would I have to run the definition for each cluster?

Or is it possible to run it for multiple clusters?

People always post a question than post another complex question without definition.
It’s better if you posted the real question from the begining with the definition ,we can’t know what you need exactly

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Did you try the first one with Heteroptera geometric region ?

Try this (13.2 KB)

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Thanks so much! That works. Sorry, I’ve never used Heteroptera before, so I wasn’t sure how to change it. Also, the screenshot from above was just the definition you gave me, didn’t try anything different, haha

Thanks again! Much appreciated.

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Yes the same definition work fine with Heteroptera.
The second option modified.

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