Question on Extruding a planer curve tapered

I want to extrude a planer curve with a taper.

When I get to the point that I key in the draft angle percentage I’m not sure if I should be putting in a decimal point? I want a 3% taper

So would this be keyed as 3 ?
or .03
or .3

Thank You…


Hi, I think it is in degrees for the draft angle.—-Mark

yup degrees, try 90, it will lay down flat, anything lower will grow, 45 is exactly 45 degrees 1 degree is almost perpendicular.

Angles expressed as percent can be converted into degrees this way:

angle=arctan(percent expressed as decimal)

So, in your case the angle is the arctan of 0.03 = 1.718° (rounded)

You can calculate this directly on the Rhino command line by clicking on the angle option and using the following:


Trigonometric functions return radians, so the r is necessary to tell Rhino that the value is in radians and to convert it automatically to degrees. You will see the degree equivalent on the command line afterwards.


is that something the mac version may not have aka missing calculator?

Dunno, the Rhino for Mac Help has the same topic on command line calculations as the Windows version…

hm that sounds like it might be a mistake then because there is no such function on mac.

OK, so if you make a rectangle and call ExtrudeCrv and at the distance prompt you type 10+15-5 does it extrude it 20 units or not?

It does extrude to 20 units. Using ExtrudeCrvTapered lets you type atan(0.03)r in the draft angle box without any problem.