Need help on how to create a draft angle on this object

I need to create a 2 percent draft angle on this object. ( the draft angle needs to be created in both directions from the center of the side going all the way around the object… so that it can be easily be removed from a mold )

Just wondering what the easiest way to do this would be?

I’ve attached the sample to this post.

Thank You,

KentSample Part that needs 2 percent draft angle.3dm (47.9 KB)

use ExtrudeCrvTapered

Hi Kent - if you want 2 degrees (?) the simplest is probably to start over with the curve and ExtrudeCrvTapered, twice, at 2 degrees, once in each direction. (or once and mirror). Join and Cap.

For the simplest resulting object, do this:
ExtrudeCrvTapered as above.
Start DivideAlongCreases and set SplitAtTangents=Yes
Select your object and Enter.
Then Mirror, Join and Cap


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Thank You very much… this did the trick!

Thanks again for your help!