Question of a novice Grasshopper user

I have a Subd model that has crease and corners.
How can I keep the crease and corners of the original model after editing, using the SubD From Mesh component?

I do not understand how to take information about the corners and how to load it to SubD From Mesh

Hi -

I don’t completely understand what the situation here is. In the next sentence, you mention using the SubD from Mesh component. Do you start with a mesh or a SubD object? In Rhino or completely created in Grasshopper?

Have you tried the following option?

(and, depending on the case, also the Corners option)

Thank you Wim! The problem is solved


I still have a few newbie questions.
In order not to spawn topics, I will try to ask my questions here

I have a definition by kind courtesy of Martin Siegrist.
In order not to bother him with questions, I will try to ask here.
I slightly changed the definition so that at the output I have a white model, like the usual one in Rhino.
I added a “create material” component and got a model gray color. But the edges are white and I don’t like that. White edges are mixed with black on the original model and it is not comfortable to work. How do I set the edges to black?
Can Grasshopper take DisplayMode from my current Rhino settings?

Definition created by Martin Siegrist for all users, so I’ll share it here (28.0 KB)
Rotational_Symmetry.3dm (387.5 KB)

FYI @martinsiegrist

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Here’s a thread where I talk about, among other things, some attempts I made at managing subD creases in grasshopper:

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And another on the same topic: Controlling creases when converting a joined mesh to SubD

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Hi @wim,

When you have a moment, please take a look at the links I posted above. I’m not an expert at using meshes in Grasshopper, so the definitions I included in the questions in those links might be missing something relatively simple, but so far I’ve tried several methods and I’ve been unable to figure out how to get detailed control over subD creases in Grasshopper. I understand SubD is a new functionality even in Rhino, but I also wonder if there’s any chance we’ll see a few new SubD components for things like creasing, vertex creasing, and simplifying ring and loop selection by the time R7 is out of Beta.

I managed to solve the problem with the display of black edges and would like to share my experience.
I created two preview components. In one component, I set the diffuse color to black and 100% transparency. In the second component diffuse color = white. I set the original Rhino model in wireframe mode (SetObjectDisplayMode = wireframe)
It very pleasant to modeling. Nothing gets in the way or distracts. I even forget that the Grasshopper is ON

How did you solve the problem?
I can’t make creases to the SubD edges either.
I want to make creases
in the SubD from the available splines from 3ds Max. Friend, please help.
Вот на носике чайника пытаюсь по сплайнам сделать. Не получается.
splines.dxf (151.8 KB)
Teapot001.obj (33.5 KB)