Question about the color gradient editor


(Sonny Weaver) #1

Hallo Andrew,

I have an issue to making operational the component “color gradient” with the UI Windows

I need to display a value on points, with a gradient (See the first Picture). I make this in GH with the “Dots” component.

I tried to set the color gradient editor, so I can check and modify it through the UI WIndows, with the solution from the 2nd Picture, but don´t work.

I can not find another solution.

Thanks and Best Regards

(Andrew Heumann) #2

I think you’re pointing to the wrong group - you should select the group that actually contains the GH gradient object responsible for coloring the dots. see the example:
HUI Gradient Editor (13.0 KB)

(Sonny Weaver) #3

Works great!!!

Thanks a lot mr Andrews

Best Regards