Create Lists (Data or Set ?)

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Sorry for the level but I’m trying to understand datas function. The idea is to create a group of lists in order to help to draw distinct geometries.
Here is an example of the lists i wanted to create, sorted by numbers for example :
List 1 : 0,1
List 2 : 1,2
… until list X,0 as you can see in the screenshot.

How can we can do that in this way ?

Thank you very much

where c is the number of items. do note that this only works on flat lists, so since you haven’t uploaded your file, it might not meet your use case.

Thank you for your time. The truth is that I did not have a file. I’m trying to adopt a method : writing before computing. The idea is to divide and create two shift list and weave or merge ? So we can use “distance” as a radius to create circles along curve, right ? Sorry for that

Something like this?


Yes, that worked !! the thing I missed was “Shif Paths” !! thank you for this little time :slight_smile: