Categorization of strings return from Wall Types

Hi, few questions about the terminology showing up in the return value of “Query Types”. It feels to me the “Curtain Wall” and “Basic Wall” under “Revit Host Type” are following the system category “Walls”.

What is the “Revit Component Type” in Revit system? Is it a “model in place” object? It doesn’t have a “subcategory name” and is repeating its Type Name. Thank you in advance.

This panel is directly from the “Query Types” Component.

Host types are System Families, whereas the Component Types can be created from a template.

Thank you Japhy, I understand the general idea now. Few specific details that I don’t understand is as following:

  1. The info I show in the first post is from “Walls”. Typically, walls are all system families, aren’t they? When “Revit Component Type” shows up in “Walls”, does that mean it pretended to be a “Walls” category?

  2. Does “Direct” mean direct model (direct shape)?

Correct, Creating a direct shape type will be returned with Query Types

Not seeing any Walls that get returned when filtering by the Component ‘Kind’, are you sure that’s a wall you are looking at?

Yeah, I am sure on that, the type is from the Walls category, but not sure why it happens.

I found an example. They are modeled in-place elements

Yep, it is. Clear as crystal now. Thank you Japhy, wish you a delightful and relaxing Thanksgiving!

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